Transaction & Escrow

Escrow is a legal arrangement whereby the funds are temporarily held by the escrow agent on behalf of the clients. Upon fulfilment of the condition as predefined in the relevant escrow agreement, the escrow agent will distribute the funds to the proper recipients. Escrow service protects both the buyer and seller as the funds will only be disbursed when all provision of the escrow agreement have been complied with.

At BaselCorp, we offer tailor made escrow services for a wide range of assets, be it funds, tangible goods or other property such as art or deeds of title. Our Escrow service team will conduct comprehensive and prompt review on the escrow agreements, claim and disbursement. This ensures the safety of your funds and prevent the funds from misuse.

Our services
-Establishing and opening of escrow account
-Periodic reporting of account activity
-Provision of confirmation when receiving and disbursing assets
-Transaction and expense management
-Customer due diligence and anti-money laundering checks

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