Project Financing

Project financing involves the assessment of the financial feasibility of the entire project life. At BaselCorp, our team of dedicated professionals are able to assist you throughout the project lifecycle. We can assist you in the loan structuring process and other technicalities so that you are able to focus on the core business activities. In addition, you may terminate the loan anytime without paying a penalty, thus providing you greater flexibility. Our fees will include the time and effort spent on sourcing, structuring and other advisory services rendered to ensure that the return on capital invested is maximised.

Our services

-Assessing the long term feasibility of the project by ensuring that the project is aligned with the organisational objectives. A thorough cost-benefit analysis will be conducted in order to maximise the projected cash flows of the project

-Sourcing for investors and funders who will provide the long term funding and assisting you in the capital assignment of the project

-Supporting you in the loan structuring process with repayment from 5 to 20 years, with up to 15 years of interest only payments (including grace period if applicable), followed by 5 years of interest plus capital repayments. The options available are not exhaustive and will be tailor-made to cater to the needs of the project.

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