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Family office provides a comprehensive solution for wealth management of families with high net worth. Through the understanding of the goals and objectives of your family office, our experienced team is able to formulate a long term strategy to ensure that the family wealth is not merely being maintained, but enhanced and passed down to several generations in the future. Furthermore, The Government has introduced several tax incentive schemes for family offices administered in Singapore to ensure that family offices can be exempted from Singapore income tax on certain investments. Managing family wealth presents a multitude of complex challenges, ranging from legal to operational issues and also ensuring that family disputes can be avoided. At BaselCorp, we provide a comprehensive spectrum of services to ensure that the technicalities of these issues are well covered.

Our services
Design family office structure
At this stage, we will assist to design a feasible, tax compliant and tax efficient family office structure aligned with your family objectives. The innate function for family office is to ensure that wealth can be preserved for generations, amid the backdrop of continuous growth of the large family. Our team will structure a comprehensive and integrated approach to ensure that all opportunities and risks are uncovered.

-Implementation of the target structure
we will provide assistance with incorporation of legal entities, appointment of positions and exemption application.

-Other support services
Employment Pass Application
We will assist in the write up and application of the employment passes for the executives.

-Corporate and Private Banking Set Up
Recommendation, documentation and assistance will be rendered for the bank account opening in Singapore.

-Accounting & tax
Through our experienced professionals, we provide accounting & tax services to ensure that the compliance requirements for family offices are being met.

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